Cash loans from $500 to $20,000



Borrowing Costs

As a responsible lender we need you to know the costs of borrowing money from us, including:

  • the fees and charges involved as a part of setting up a loan;
  • what you might have to pay during the course of your loan; and
  • default fees and charges that may be charged if you were to fall behind in your repayments.

Our friendly staff will tell you about all of these before you sign up for a loan. This information breaks down the costs of borrowing from Fair City Finance to give you the confidence that with us there are no surprises and no hidden costs. Full details are available here: Rates & Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Some general items that customers often seek information on. If there is more you want to know just ask – we’re here to help, it’s the Fair City way. FAQS

Printable Forms

Our Loan Application, Direct Debit, Automatic Payment and Financial Advisers Act Disclosure Statement forms are here for your use. Download and save to read or print and use later: Printable Forms

Regulatory Information

Fair City Finance has customer support at heart, and we are committed to protecting your consumer rights. Various statutes and regulations require us to disclose certain information to you. Legal stuff

Promotional terms and conditions

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Privacy Policy

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Cash loans from $500 to $20,000